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About the area and the Pet-friendly Hotels Park City Utah

At 7,000 feet above sea level, Park City is a short 35-mile drive from the Salt Lake International Airport, enabling it to remain one of only a handful of resort destinations worldwide that can provide such accessibility advantages. As some locals like to point out, “it is possible to leave New York City in the morning and ski the fresh powder of Park City by noon!” The convenience, accessibility, and most importantly, the lifestyle of Park City living are why people live here, but I will get to that in a minute. Park City was originally a mining town.

By the late 20th century Park City had changed into a resort community. The Park City Ski Area had opened, and the old mines had begun to operate as museums for tourists, school children, and locals. As a tourist hot spot, the city currently contributes an average of $529,800,000 annually to the Utah Economy. Since the rise of the skiing and tourist trade, Park City houses more tourists than residents. It has become a place of fame through the 2002 Winter Olympics. The Sundance Film Festival is another drawing card and affords more recreational and employment opportunities than ever before. Park City is small, with a population of 7,500. The average number of tourists in Park City is 600,000 per year. There’s an old saying in Park City, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” One of the most attractive things about living in Park City is the full spectrum of weather we experience here. Summers in Park City are mild, with chilly nights, while winters are cold with lots of snow. The temperature on average exceeds 90 degrees (F) only five times a year and drops below 0 degrees (F) only twelve times per year. Park City is located in Summit County, Utah, and is considered part of the Wasatch Back. It is widely considered to have the “Greatest Snow on Earth.” Park City consistently ranks as one of the country’s wealthiest areas and continues to attract people from every corner of the United States. Park City offers just about every imaginable type of outdoor recreation that the heart could desire.

Park City has been established as a destination for dog lovers with our dog-friendly culture. Park City is very pup-friendly, but we still have leash laws to help curb unruly doggy behavior. All dogs must be kept on leashes at all times except on enclosed private property and designated off-leash dog areas. Letting dogs run at large is unlawful, and these laws help protect our, if your pup needs a day or night off from hanging with you or is in the mood for meeting some new friends, there are plenty of services in Park City that can cater to their needs. From dog walking, pet sitting, and training to groom and vet services and pet-friendly hotels, park city, Utah, there are many options for the health and safety of your good boy or girl.

Park City provides every outdoor activity that any mind could wish for. It has more tourists than the residents. More than this, park city is also known as bark city as it is a highly pet-friendly city offering many pet-related activities and many pet-friendly hotels.