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About the area and the Hotels Near Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is one of the best-known baseball stadiums in the country. This field has seen some of the best to play the game. This ballpark was built in 1914 and is the second oldest park in the country. It is in Chicago, and millions of fans herd there to cheer for their team and learn about the history of the baseball greats. There are some great hotels near Wrigley Field so a person can enjoy their trip and take their time exploring.

Wrigley Field was originally called Weeghman Park, and it was built on the grounds that once housed a seminary. This field was the home of the baseball club known as the Federal League, and it was on the property of Charles Weeghman. The baseball club at the time was called the Federals or the Whales, and they answered to both names. At the time, this was one costly park. It cost around $250,000 at that time to construct and was able to seat 14,000 fans. There were 4,000 yards of soil needed as well as an additional four acres of bluegrass.

The first major league game that was held at this park was in April 1913. The Federals, as they were known, won against the Kansas City team. Art Wilson was the first person to hit a home run in this stadium during the second inning of the game.

The Federals went on to become the 1915 champions, but for some reason, the league folded. Weeghman purchased the Cubs and then moved the ballpark to another corner. A bear cub was sitting in the stands, and that is how the team became known as the Cubs. The Wrigley family purchased the team in 1920 and named the field Wrigley Field after the team’s owner.

The bleachers and the scoreboard for this park were built in 1937. The outfield was also renovated to allow additional fans to come to the game. There is still the original scoreboard standing today. Another interesting fact about the original scoreboard is that a ball never hit the board. Two balls came close to hitting it, but it was a miss.

Wrigley Field developed some traditions at this time. There is a flag that has a W or an L on the top of the scoreboard. The flag is white with a blue W on it to signal a win. If the flag is blue and there is a white L on it, the team did not win the game. The tradition has continued for many years, and the flags are ready to be used at this park. Some of the hotels near Wrigley Field even offer a video of this.

There are vines that were planted back in 1937 that are still found at this stadium. There is ivy at the base, which is something to look at. The bleachers are 11.5 feet tall, and there is a basket that is still attached to them. This basket was built in 1970 and is still there. Some of these items found in the stadium are for fans who want to come and see the history.

There have been some great players that have been to this stadium over the years. The players are honored, and their flags are still flying. Fans want to see the people that have made this ball club what it is today. There is a flat for Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, and Fergie Jenkins. On the other side of the stadium, there is a flag for Billy Williams, Ryne Sandberg, Greg Maddux, and Jackie Robinson.

There has been some improvement made to Wrigley Field over the years. In 1988 the stadium got lights so that they could play night games. The first night game played at this stadium was in August 1988 where the team took on the Phillies. The game made it to the third inning and was called due to rain. The next evening the first full night game was played against the New York Mets. The Cubs won this game. In 2018 the stadium celebrated 30 years of being able to hold night games. After a night game, a person can return to their hotel near Wrigley Field.

Over the years, Wrigley Field has seen a few changes. While the stadium still has some of the classic features, things have been updated and upgraded over the years. There was additional office space that was added to the field in 1982 and by 1983 there was a new window for ticket collection to make it easier for fans to get into the game.

In 1984 a clubhouse was constructed near the third base stand area. The clubhouse for the visiting team got an update in 1990. For those that wanted to see the game without being bothered by a crowd, there were some private boxes added. These boxes were designed in 1989, and they took over the area that was once used for the press box. A press booth was moved behind the home plate. There was also a food court added to the upper deck. This way, fans had easier access to their food, and they did not have to worry about standing in long lines and missing the game.

In the 90s, there were additional renovations made to help keep the stadium modern and allow more fans to stop by. There were 63 private boxes added to the stadium in 1994. During 2005 there were additional bleachers added. There was even the addition of a restaurant that would allow fans to eat while checking out right field. In 2007 the drainage system was improved. This way, the field could be dry, and rain would not be as much of an issue. A new playing surface was even developed so that the players could focus on the game and not worry about the field.

Wrigley Field is one of the oldest baseball stadiums in the country. There is a rich history behind this ballpark. When looking for a hotel near Wrigley Field, there are some great options from which to choose. An overnight stay will allow a person to check out the ballpark and get a feel for the history.