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About the area and the Hotels Near Worlds Of Fun

Worlds of Fun is an entertainment park on 235-acre established in Kansas City, Missouri, United States, organized by American businessmen Lamar Hunt and Jack Steadman; the park was inaugurated in 1973 following Hunt’s company, Mid-America Enterprises.

Worlds of Fun is the Midwest’s largest amusement park with many plots of thrills, laughs, and lifelong photographs with families and colleagues. Enjoy experiences in five segments of the park—Africa, Americana, Europa, Orient, and Scandanavia. Little ones have their expertise at Planet Snoopy, packed with kid-sized journeys and designs. Beat the course Oceans of Fun, the most beautiful place in the Midwest to slide, sprinkle, chill and dine—combined with admission. In a world of fun, people enjoy their Worlds of Fun! Plus the Midwest’s most exclusive Halloween event in September and October.

The place takes its name from the Jules Verne book, Around the world in Eight days. World of Fun is split into five major regions: Scandinavia, Africa, Europa, the Orient, and Americana. Rides, temptations, shops, shows, and eateries are named according to the area theme. Guests invade the park in Scandinavia. In 1997 the Americana “main entrance” was bound for the creation of the Grand Prix, so the “back gate” converted to the “main gate” ever since. The next world to the port in Africa, continuing in a clockwise rotation, the visitor would enter the Americana section, followed by the Orient. The Europa section is established in the estimated center of the circle.

Within Americana lies the sub-section of Planet Snoopy, the area of the park especially for young children. Initially added in 1978 as an extension of Americana, the grounds have developed its identity several times over the years. Originally it was called “Aerodrome” with futuristic trips for adults; it then converted a children’s area called “Pandamonium!”, then “Berenstain Bear Country,” and “Camp Snoopy,” and is currently “Planet Snoopy,” new to the 2011 season. Past sub-sections have also introduced River City, Bicentennial Square, and Beat Street, which all have been incorporated back into Americana.

Roller coasters of this place include:

  • Schussboomer: a ski-themed steel roller coaster with ten separate 4-passenger cars.
  • Screamroller:  (1976–1988), the initial stand-up roller coaster in the Western Hemisphere. Its single season as a stand-up coaster was in 1983, after which it was returned to the original sit-down style.
  • Zambezi Zinger: (1973–1997), a steel “Speedracer”-type roller coaster. one of only two in continuation at its removal. With an electronic spiral lift and a fast-paced trip through the woods. Currently in development at the Colombian National Coffee Park as Broca Colombia, South America.
  • Orient Express, (1980–2003), the first roller coaster in the world to highlight a batwing, then identified as a “Kamikaze Curve,” is now a customary element in thrill rides. Also, it was the secondary roller coaster in the world to have two interlocking loops.
  • Silly Serpent/Funicular, (1973-1987) An Allan Herschell Company Little Dipper. The children’s coaster was initially located in the Europa part of the park as “Funicular” and moved to the Africa section where it served as “Silly Serpent” until it was assassinated in 1987.

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