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About the area and the Hotels Near Smithsonian

The Smithsonian Institution is often related to simply as the Smithsonian is a trusted agency founded by the U.S. official government as a public trust.

The Smithsonian Institution is the world’s most comprehensive museum, learning, and research complex, with 19 galleries and the National Zoo—developing the future by protecting heritage, discovering new information, and using our resources with the world.

Called “the nation’s attic” for its eclectic holdings of 154 million items, the Institution’s 19 museums, 21 book museums, nine research centers, and zoo include traditional and architectural landmarks, mainly established in the District of Columbia. Additional amenities are found in Maryland, New York, and Virginia. More than 200 organizations and museums in 45 states, Puerto Rico, and Panama are Smithsonian Affiliates. Organization publications include Smithsonian and Air and space publications.

The Institution’s 30 million annual guests are allowed without charge. Its yearly budget is around $1.25 billion, with two-thirds occurring from annual federal funds.

According to his management, the Institution was established in 1846 with the Englishman James Smithson (1765–1829). According to his wishes, “under the style of the Smithsonian Institution, an institution for the increase and diffusion of knowledge.” We proceed to honor this mission and invite you to join us in our journey.

The Smithsonian will build on its strengths to retain and inspire more people, where they are, with more meaningful impact, while catalyzing critical discussion on issues affecting our community and the world.

As a steward and representative of cultural connections, the Smithsonian’s work helps create bridges of mutual respect and understanding of the variety of American and world cultures. There are various opportunities to discover and connect, from the annual Folklife Festival and family-friendly heritage month celebrations to shows exploring the American experience’s difference.

Nineteen museums and exhibition halls, as well as the National Zoological Park, include the Smithsonian museums. Eleven are on the National Mall, which means between the Lincoln Memorial and the United States Capitol. Other institutions are located elsewhere in Washington, D.C., two more in New York City and one in Chantilly, Virginia.

The Smithsonian has close relations with 168 other institutions in 39 states, Panama and Puerto Rico. These museums are recognized as Smithsonian Affiliated museums.

Smithsonian models include 156 million artworks, artifacts, and exemplars. The National Museum of Natural History accommodates 145 million specimens and artifacts, primarily animals saved in Formaldehyde. The Collections Search Center has 9.9 million digital documents available online. The Smithsonian Institution Libraries hold 2 million library books. Smithsonian Archives contain 156,830 cubic feet of archival stock.

In 1997, the Smithsonian Latino Center was designed to identify Latinos across the Smithsonian Institution. The center’s primary purpose is to place Latino participation in the arts, history, science, and national culture over the Smithsonian’s museums and research centers.

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