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About the area and the Hotels Near Red Rocks

Red Rocks Park is a hill park in Jefferson County, Colorado, controlled and managed by Denver as part of the Denver Mountain Parks operation. The park is recognized for its vast red sandstone lands. Many of these rock formations within the park have marks, from the mushroom-shaped Place of Pluto to the likely Hole of the Seven Ladders. The most attended rocks around Red Rocks Amphitheatre are Creation Rock to the north, Stage Rock to the east. and Ship Rock to the south.

The red sandstone discovered throughout Red Rocks Park is geologically classified as relating to the Fountain Formation.

Within the park, limits are the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, a world-famous venue used since 1941, which entertains many shows and other events. The Amphitheater is a venue for performances. Burnam Hoyt created the Amphitheater within two massive slabs of Red stone. After being given Pollstar Magazine’s Best Small Outdoor Venue for the 11th generation, the popular magazine described the award after the venue getting it out of the running.

Some short, pedestrian-only trails: Funicular Trail, Mt. Vernon Creek Trail, Red Rocks Trail, Geologic Overlook Trail, and the Trading Post Trail. Some of the tracks are short and pedestrian-only, while others are multi-use, including mountain bikes, horses, and leashed dogs.


Red Rock is a place owned by the city of Denver. It’s welcoming to visitors one ampere-hour before sunrise for one hour after sunset. Just being here will accelerate your pulse, but if that’s not enough, consider increasing mountain biking, Trading Post Trail or hiking, or horseback riding Red Rocks Trail. Both tracks explore the park’s dramatic geology, trees, wildflowers, wildlife, and landscapes. Another choice is to join the ambitious locals who come to run up and down the stone trails of the Amphitheater for a real thigh-burner or attend Yoga on the Rocks for the most exciting downward dog show ever.


The giant sandstone outcroppings that create the walls of Red Rocks Amphitheatre are more powerful than Niagara Falls and are included in the geological Spring Formation, deposited about 280 million years ago. The Rolling Stones weren’t about yet, and Red Rocks didn’t get its origin as a music venue until the initial 1900s when Renaissance man John Brisben Walker locked up a makeshift stage between the rocks. A famous opera singer came to show and declared it “acoustically perfect,” and it’s been honored by musicians ever since. People at these exotic rocks love to:


Kick behind and take in some excellent and cult-favorite films on the big-big-big shade at Red Rocks. Great cinema is just the start of pleasure on movie nights—each Film on the rocks event highlights an initial comedian or band and fun audience participation contests.


Established around two large slabs of red sandstone, Red Rock’s Ship Rock Grille is worth attending for the beautiful scenery alone. Better yet, take a seat on the patio to eat at the edge of a mountainous panorama and line up some inventive Colorado-themed foods like buffalo tamales extinguished in house-made green chile or elk sliders with a view of crispy fries.

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