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For over 25 years, the Oilers played at the Houston Astrodome, the first multipurpose dome stadium in the country. By the mid-1980s, the Oilers, owned by Bud Adams, became unhappy with the Astrodome because it had become one of the older stadiums in the NFL. When Adams advanced to move the Oilers to Jacksonville in 1987, Houston officials restored the Astrodome, adding 10,000 seats and leisure suites. However, it was not long before Adams grew unsatisfied with the renewed Astrodome. By the 1990s, he began to lobby for a new stadium built in downtown Houston. In 1993 Adams was willing to contribute $85 million to a stadium, but Houston officials and residents were unwilling to fund a modern stadium. Frustrated by the lack of maintenance for a new stadium, Adams moved the Oilers to Nashville, TN, after the 1996 season, where they renamed the Tennessee Titans.

Near NRG stadium, several hotels with modern facilities life 24-hrs WIFI services, outdoor pool and free shuttles, rooms with air conditioning, outdoor swimming pool, Cozy Studio, etc.

The people also enjoy staying and enjoy the vibe. The hotels thus provide them the facilities to enjoy the vibe and the luxury of their home. The buildings themselves are beautifully restored 19th-century that provides all the modern comforts you could want. Rooms are decorated with a clean and straightforward contemporary elegance that provides the utmost ease.

The hotel system in this area has transformed the nature of travel. It is turning it from an arduous and uncertain undertaking of the few into a predictable and commonplace activity of the many. On the way, the hotel became an instrument, ornament, symptom, and symbol of starved rock beauty and international empire.

The increasing need for hotels can not be denied. The Hotels Near NRG Stadium in Houston, TX are an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis, hotels near the NRG Stadium offer more than this to their visitors. You’ll find precisely what you’re looking for, whether you are visiting for business, vacation, picnic, or a little bit of both. Dog-friendly hotels, rooftop bars and pools, luxury and historic accommodations, and more are waiting for you. There you can Enjoy an Extraordinary Summer Experience in the Heart of the city.

List of Hotels Near NRG Stadium in Houston, TX