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In 1910, a group of civic-minded San Bernardino businessmen invented the inaugural National Orange Show to encourage the culture of citrus fruits and promote the distribution of the “exotic crop” throughout the world. That initial tiny citrus fair was carried from March 6th through March 11th, 1911. Exhibits collected two canvas shelters in a vacant lot at 4th & E street. The two tents spread about 8000 square feet. Rain fell continuously throughout the five-day exhibition, but that didn’t seem to have an impact. More than 3000 people visited that year. In the later years, it began to be called “California’s Greatest Midwinter Event.” A complete site was established at mill & E street. One of the most complete and finest exposition buildings in the nation opened in 1925. In its heyday, the National Orange Show drew over 300,000 visitors each year. In 1949, the Exhibit Building was destroyed by fire. But then, later on, many other significant buildings and a stadium were added in the following years. Although it has limited to the citrus industry anymore, the National Orange Show continues to be held annually.

The NOS event shops and stalls accommodate the tastes of just about everyone to make the event vibe more unique. Food and refreshment stands are found throughout the center, with roaming merchants carrying water, snacks, and other refreshments. Vegan and vegetarian alternatives are possible. Cash, account, charge, Apple Pay, and Android Pay will be admitted. Bars located throughout the festival will serve beer and liquor. The bottle refill stations are present in the whole event and almost in every corner. Stay hydrated! Please fill up your Insomniac bottle hydration pack or any empty beverage container at our free hydration stations.

Shops have multiple merch booths on-sites. People come by to check out the brand-new beyond wonderland apparel collection and artist collections for the event. They always have various T-shirts, jackets, backpacks, sweatshirts, water bottles, accessories, and more. But with all this chaotic vibe, the rules of the event are present there. To absorb alcohol, you need to be 21 years or more, and lockers are available to protect people’s belongings. You can save your stuff securely and retain your cell phone powered up! Lockers provide you limitless in-and-out passage throughout both days, and each one features a universal cell phone charger.

The alluring event attracts millions of visitors from the whole world. Today, the National Orange Show Event Center has evolved into a full-service event center that spans over 120 acres and offers 150,000 square feet of indoor exhibit space, a quarter-mile speedway, a state-of-the-art satellite wagering center. It can accommodate more than 40,000 attendees and park approximately 8,000. For this, the NOS administration empower by the versatility of their unique facilities; they can provide a location to suit virtually any event.

The versatility of the center also enhance the need of hotels and resort to making the stay more comfortable for the visitors. Hotels near the NOS event center have also taken on many other functions, serving as business exchanges, sociability centers, public assembly and deliberation places, ornamental showcases, administrative headquarters, holiday spots, and sound residences. The hotel as an institution, and hotels as an industry, transformed travel in the whole world.

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