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The home of rhythm and bebop for some, “The City of Fountains” to others, Kansas City, is various things. Music lovers are drawn to the jazz clubs and old phantoms of famous musicians like Charlie Parker and Count Basie. There are ample opportunities for scenic strolling from the rush to the fountain with more fountains than Rome.

Kansas City was established in the 1830s as a Missouri River port at its convergence, with the Kansas River getting in from the west. On June 1, 1850, Kansas was founded; shortly after came the corporation of the Kansas Territory. The City was ranked as a gamma-global city in 2020. Kansas City is two towns in one – KC, Missouri rests on the east side of the Missouri River, while KC, Kansas is on the west, just beyond State Line Road. Most of the “downtown” area is in Missouri. It is surrounded by farmland, which means lots of fresh meat and produce, but being in a landlocked state, it should be no surprise that fresh seafood isn’t commonplace.

Kansas City is the third-largest beef producer in the United States; The American Jazz Museum hosts music performances throughout the year and gets swinging with the annual 18th and Vine Jazz and Blues Festival each October. This City provides some of the best jazz in the country. Its epicenter at 18th and Vine is recognized as the Jazz District. The famous African-American community gave rise to a unique KC-style sound, heavily affected by blues and ragtime genres. Moreover, the Country Club Plaza, which began in 1923, was the world’s first planned suburban shopping center. Although it was constructed on land which was once headquarters to pig farms, back in the day, that characteristic odor has now been replaced by the smell of fresh-popped corn from Topsys and scented candles from Bath and Body Works.

This exotic Kansas City is the home of Lamar’s Donuts, ranked as “tops” in taste tests by known doughnut experts, including police officers, firefighters, and journalists. Although the original Linwood Boulevard location has been “temporarily closed” since 2003, you can still chow down on the signature “butterfly,” the pecan-topped sticky, gooey love child of a doughnut or a cinnamon roll at 9 locations throughout the KC area.

Kansas City was ranked #10 on Travel and Leisure’s list of America’s best cities for hipsters, which cited the City’s readily available locally sourced foods and a plethora of farmer’s markets. Kansas City is renowned for its steak and Kansas city-style grill and the typical array of Austral cuisine. Throughout the bloom of the Kansas City stockyards, the City was identified for its Kansas City steaks or Kansas City band steaks. Kansas town International Airport is 15 miles northwest of midtown Kansas City in Platte County, Missouri. The terminal covers 10,680 acres and has three runways. The airport has always been private and has never had an Air National Guard unit.

Kansas city attracts tourists through its museums like Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Arabia Steamboat Museum, National World War I Museum, it’s country plaza and cultural themes, and much more. Where the culture of Kansas attract his tourists there, the hotels near Kansas city airport facilitates its customers and provide much more than just room service.

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