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About the area and the Hotels Near Hunter Mountain Resort

Hunter Mountain is in the cities of Hunter and Lexington, just south of the village of Hunter, in Greene County, New York, United States. At nearly 4,040 feet in height, it is the highest mountain in the county and the second-highest mountain in the Catskill Mountains. Hunter practices the configuration of a medium-length ridge, climbing steeply from Stony Clove Notch in the east, then smoothly to the summit in the middle, and smoothly back down to the west where the ground makes a much limited steep drop into Taylor Hollow.

There are four possible routes up Hunter. An infinite number of trailless ways also, of course, exist, but the mountain is rarely bushwhacked. 

Spruceton Trail

The blue-blazed ancient road to the fire pillar from the southwest is the various regularly used path to the summit. While most excellent who take it do so on foot, it is also flashed for horses and has newly been renovated and slightly rerouted for them. Cross-country skiers use it in the winter as well. 

Devil’s Path and Hunter Mountain Trail

The most familiar route starts from the southeast, via the Devil’s Path at Stony Clove Notch. The red-blazed path begins steeply, turning back past some remarkable shale cliffs are known as the Devil’s Portal. Red spruce has sprung up as associates following an old bark peeler’s road through an area where the hemlock is beginning to regenerate.

Colonel’s Chair Trail from the ski area

The yellow-blazed Colonel’s Chair Trail starts at the ski area’s “summit” lodge at the peninsula’s edge on the eponymous range, about 3,300 feet in altitude. It follows remarkable ski area’s snowshoe trails and a small fragment of the former Mossy Brook Trail through this region eliminated by the ski area’s development for about 0.75 miles to the start of state land.

Becker Hollow Trail

The scarce popular route up Hunter is also the smallest. The Becker Hollow Trail, which starts along Route 214 north of Stony Clove Notch. It is only 2.05 miles to the mountain from here, but the vertical ascent of 2,270 feet is the highest of any approach, and as a result, the trail is notorious for being a continuous upward slope with no level stretches.

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