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About the area and the Hotels Near Fenway Park

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Fenway Park has been the home of the legendary Boston Red Sox baseball team for over 100 years, since 1912. The Boston Red Sox are one of the American League’s most popular teams that has a huge band of loyal fans who watch each game with their hearts in their mouth; following the ups and downs of the team’s progress throughout the decades.

While you’re in Boston you simply must take the time to buy some tickets to the Fenway Park and watch one of their games live on the field. You might be used to watching baseball, or other sports, on the TV however there’s nothing that can compare with the thrill of being amongst the crowd and cheering on the heroes in the arena!

Fenway Park – A Famous Historical Monument.

The surrounding area offers many hotels near Fenway ParkTo mark the hundredth year anniversary of Fenway Park it was put onto the official National Register of Historic Places, making it a genuine cultural shrine that has to be experienced to be believed. Not only is the impressive stadium a symbol of the city of Boston but it’s also a worldwide icon of the beloved game of baseball for fans of the sport everywhere.

Fenway Park was built during a time when Boston was still growing and so it has found itself right in the midst of the city center. This has meant that it was difficult for the stadium to expand but despite this, it has undergone several major renovations and rebuilds. Consequently, it is a fully modernized stadium that has the latest conveniences and all the services that you would expect to find in a world-class arena.

The stadium was originally completed in 1912 but then underwent significant renovations in 1934. As the stadium was renovated and rebuilt many entrepreneurial businessmen saw the opportunity of setting up hotels near Fenway Park to serve the many visitors who would come to watch the games.

The Green Monster is easily visited from the many hotels near Fenway ParkOne of the interesting features of the ballpark is the so-called ‘Triangle’ as well as Pesky’s Pole and the legendary ‘Green Monster’. The ‘Green Monster’ is the local nickname for the huge 37-foot green wall in the left-field which is a favorite target for the best right-handed hitters! When the ball sails over the 300 feet between the home plate and the Green Monster the crowd goes wild as the hitter makes his way around the base plates, taking his much-deserved applause.

Another unusual feature of the stadium is that it cannot fit more than 40,000 spectators in it at a time. Once again, this is because when it was first built the designers never guessed how popular the club would become over the following 100 years! However, this smaller, intimate setup makes every game electric as the audience stands buzz with activity, Mexican waves, and other traditional celebrations. 

It’s not only baseball games that are played at this versatile little stadium though because other crowd favorites include soccer, hockey, and even professional football games, all of which are hosted by Fenway Park. As well as a packed sporting calendar the arena also puts on music concerts and sometimes even religious events and political campaign stops. 

Visiting Fenway Park – What You Need To Know

As one of Boston’s major features, Fenway Park sits near the banks of the River Charles. Getting to the stadium can sometimes be time-consuming if you’re traveling in from out of town and so staying in one of the numerous hotels near Fenway Park is going to be the most convenient option for you. 

Whether you’re going to the stadium to see a game or take a guided tour, staying in a hotel near Fenway Park is really important so you don’t need to worry about getting there on time. 

Boston has a great network of public transport links which you can use to get to Fenway Park or if you’re staying in a hotel near Fenway Park you can just order a taxi from the lobby which will pick you up and drop you off at the gates!

To reach Fenway Park by train you can catch the Massachusetts Bay Transport Green subway to Kenmore Station, just around the corner from the stadium on the B, C, and D branches.

Eating Out Near Fenway Park

Boston is famous for its superb cuisine and the area surrounding Fenway Park is no exception to this rule! Kenway Square, just a stone’s throw from the home of the Boston Red Sox, is a bustling hub of restaurants and other services on the hectic intersection between the ballpark itself and Boston University. Here you can find shops, cafes, restaurants, and other amenities that will make your stay in Boston that much more comfortable and enjoyable.

However, it’s not just Kenway Square because all throughout the city you can find amazing eateries and dining facilities; and while you’re staying at one of the area’s hotels near Fenway Park you can ask the concierge or receptionists where they would advise you to eat. There’s a great choice of food styles and world cuisine to select from, so whatever it is that takes your fancy you’ll be spoilt for choice; including Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean, and Italian restaurants.

In the surrounding parts of the city, there are many other fantastic attractions that you can visit and see. The impressive Museum of Fine Arts is an absolutely incredible treasure trove of amazing art, both foreign and American, which makes a lovely day trip for you and your friends or family. 

Fenway Park Is A Top Tourist Attraction In Boston

If you’re planning a trip to Boston then you really should visit the remarkable Fenway Park while you’re there so you can see this iconic piece of history for yourself. 

Staying in one of the city’s hotels near Fenway Park is the easiest way to arrange your trip and with the lively city around you, there’s a massive choice of restaurants, museums, galleries, and other attractions to visit while you’re there. Therefore, no visit to Boston would be complete without a trip to the world-famous Fenway Park.