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About the area and the Hotels Near Baltimore Aquarium

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is one of the most significant public aquariums in the United States. The aquarium, inaugurated in 1981 in the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore, Md., was primarily financed by the city but was appointed a “national” aquarium by the U.S. Congress. Many are marine mammals, seabirds, reptiles, and amphibians of the aquarium’s more than 10,000 marine and freshwater animals.

In 1976, Baltimore City residents established an aquarium by voting for it on a bond investment referendum, and the groundbreaking for the equipment took place on old Pier 3 facing East Pratt Street. Just east of the recently completed World Trade Center-Baltimore in Inner Harbor on August 8, 1978. The National Aquarium, Baltimore’s initial conceptual layout, architecture, and exhibit design was led by Peter Chermayeff of Peter Chermayeff LLC while at Cambridge Seven Associates.

The conceptual, constructive, and exhibit layout for the Glass Pavilion development was led by Bobby C. Poole while at Chermayeff, Sollogub & Poole. After a couple of decades, construction started on the Glass Pavilion north extension on September 5, 2002, and it began to the public on December 16, 2005. It measures 64,500 sq. ft. and is 120 ft. high at the highest point.

The National Aquarium aims to inspire the preservation of the world’s aquatic reserves. The aquarium’s stated idea is to confront pressing issues facing global marine habitats through pioneering science, protection, and enlightening educational programming.

The National Aquarium houses show, including the Upland Tropical Rain Forest, an open ocean shark tank, a multiple-story Atlantic Coral Reef, and Australia: Wild Extremes, won the “Best Exhibit” honor from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in 2008. The exotic aquarium also contains a 4D Immersion Theater. The aquarium started a marine mammal pavilion on the nearby south end of Pier 4 in 1990 and currently includes six Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Five were born at the National Aquarium; one was supposed to be another American aquarium.

The National Aquarium in 2003 and the much more experienced and independent National Aquarium in Washington, D.C., allied as the only National Aquarium with two sites. This management continued until 2013 when the Washington location closed forever.

If one plans their vacation to the Baltimore aquarium, then there are several things one can do on their stay in the aquarium. At the aquarium’s “Living Seashore” display, you can observe and even feel more than 150 sea animals from the Mid-Atlantic, like an Atlantic stingray or a pulsing moon jelly. Since 1991, the National Aquarium has been a guide for dolphins in human care. We can also study the natural seawater shelter the aquarium has created to give its colony a healthier long-term home, the first of its kind in North America. The remarkable Blacktip Reef exhibit gives you the knowledge of diving to the depths of an Indo-Pacific reef. Follow the sloped walkways downward to get a multi-floor representation of blacktip reef sharks, tasseled woebegone sharks, clown triggerfish, and reticulated whiptail rays.

Get a look from the nearest point at the majestic animals that live at the aquarium with behind-the-scenes trips and experiences guided by on-site specialists. Explore a reef, meet Australian snakes and get up close and personal with a bottlenose dolphin. The National Aquarium is also assigned to environmental conservation, animal rescue, and research. There are lots of hotels near that provide the best services for the tourists. The rent of the room is affordable one can easily spend their nights in comfort. The view is also astounding. Along with rooms the staff services are also up to the mark.