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About the area and the Hotels Near Water Country USA

Water Country USA is located in Virginia. It is the Mid-Atlantic’s biggest water park, and it offers live performance, stores and restaurants, water rides, and other family displays, all of which have the 1950s or 1960s surf theme. The park is just a few minutes away from Busch Gardens Williamsburg, with which it shares clientele. This park contains multiple alluring slides:

Aquazoid: An 863-foot-long Proslide boat slide that is mostly enclosed. The enclosed portions, however, are mostly tone black.

Big Daddy Falls: A Proslide boat shape slide that is primarily open and features a “lazy river” area near the end of the slide. The whole drop is 670 feet long.

Colossal Curl: it was Installed in 2014; this Proslide mega raft slide features a funnel element, as well as a final aspect known as the TornadoWave 60, where riders soar up and down a giant wall. The slide is managed in four-person CloverLeaf pipes.

 Cow-A-Bunga: it is present in the children’s area containing three smaller slides, one utilized with double tubes, a shallow pool, and various splash features.

Cutback Water Coaster: it was Opened in 2019; this exotic Proslide water coaster contains five “FlyingSaucer” sections where the raft straps around a tilted saucer, giving off an advanced “drop and dive” section. The slide also features three uphill sections.

H2O UFO: A kid’s area with splash features and slides, as well as two scaled-down Proslide tube slides. This is advertised as the most significant kids’ section in the waterpark.

Hubba Hubba Highway: It is a 1500-foot-length lazy river on the eastern side of the waterpark. 

Jammin’ Jukebox: this massive tower consists of three slides. The building formerly was occupied by the Peppermint Twist body slides.

 Jet Scream: it is Presumably one of the park’s official slide collections; jet Scream comprises four internal tube slides that are more than 400 feet long with an average speed of 25mph.

Kritter Korral: A sea-themed slide in a children’s play area with some microscopic slides in the form of sea animals scattered throughout a 2-foot-deep pool.

Little Bopper: A small kid-friendly corkscrew slide previously Little Twister in a different section of Adventure Isle. 

Malibu Pipeline: Two Proslide internal tube slides that span more than 450 feet in length and is mostly enclosed. 

 Nitro Racer: A six-lane Proslide mat runner that is around 320 feet large. This is a comparatively short ride expected to be about 4 seconds and installed in 1998.

 Rambling River: This is a 736-foot-long lazy river that loops around the Rock’n’Roll Island section of the park. This is significantly smaller in length than the park’s subsisting Hubba Hubba Highway.

Rampage: Two toboggan-style slides that transfer rider down a ramp at a 60-degree slope.

Rock’n’Roll Island; An area of the park previously known as Adventure Isle but was restored in 2008 to what it currently is. It includes a newer trio of spinning body slides.

 Surfer’s Bay: A wave pool announced as the largest in the state at 23,000 square feet, with a most incredible depth of 8 feet. Every 10 minutes, the wave pool produces waves are reaching 4 feet high that cycle for 8 minutes at a time. The pool likely started with the park in 1984.

Vanish Point: It is a 75-foot-tall quadruple-speed slide complex. There are two parts of speed slides within Vanish Point. Riders can either plunge 300-foot-long speed slides or slide through one of two enclosed helixes.

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